Self balancing scooters received a lot of attention and recognition back in 2015. A lot of people, including famous celebrities, were posting pictures and videos as they were riding them. However, the industry had quickly lost its reputation because of low quality hoverboards that were all over the market. Since that time, the trend of these transportation devices had died. Or hadn’t it?

The year of 2016 has seen a decent number of new hoverboard and similar type of gadget releases. Here in this article we are going to present some of the best personal transporters that were released (or will be released) this year.

Ninebot One S2

20160304140232_3906S2 is an upgraded version of Ninebot One. This model has a motor with an output power of 500W. With the advanced sine wave inverter technology, the max speed can top out at an impressive 24km/h. Moreover, the max range of imported high-rate battery has a potential to take you up to 30km.

This model is equipped with two batteries – one on the right side, and one on the left. On the other hand, the vehicle can still function if one battery is removed to suit your speed requirements. Without one battery, S2 can reach a maximum speed of 18km/h, and the maximum mileage is about 15km.

Finally, the most amazing feature of this unicycle is that it can be managed through the mobile app. When S2 is connected to your smart phone via Bluetooth, you are able to view riding conditions, debug vehicle’s parameters and perform a diagnosis of real-time faults. Moreover, with the help of the app, the rider is also able to control thousands of dazzling lighting effects, making a fashion statement on the road.

This model is not on sale yet, but people can already pre-order it. You can find out more information and a local store at NineBot.

ToTalboard Q7

Currently there is not a lot of information about this self balancing scooter, but creators of this one state that this board will be the best in the whole industry.

However, according to the specifications, this hoverboard will have many similarities as all the other ones, including: 6.5inch wheels, max load of 120kg, maximum range of 20km and more. The only thing that is noticeable right now is a completely different design.

Ninebot Mini Pro

The Ninebot Mini PSegway-Ninebot-Mini-Pro-Scooterro is a great choice for those who are looking to purchase a hoverboard in 2016. This one comes with many great features that other self balancing scooters don’t have.

With a weight of only 13kg, this vehicle can give an amazing performance and reach a maximum speed of 18km/h. Moreover, the two direct-drive motors generate a total output power of 800W and an instantaneous of above 2000W (almost the same as an electric motorcycle).

Moreover, off-road conditions are not a problem for Mini Pro. It can easily go over small obstacles, slopes and grass. The vehicle adjusts to the road conditions, and when it notices obstacles ahead, the motor power increases and the stability of the hoverboard enhances. Furthermore, the IP54 dustproof and waterproof feature makes sure that the rain is not a problem at all for this self balancing scooter.

If you are not riding your Mini Pro, you can remotely control it with your phone using Bluetooth. With this feature, you can carry your stuff or even tease your pet! While connected, your smart phone also serves as a key. If someone attempts to use it, an alert will be sent to your phone. Furthermore, if you have it connected as riding, the app displays your current speed, single riding time, total mileage, mainframe temperature and a lot more.

To find out more detailed information, visit NineBot.

segway-introduced-new-hoverboard-transforms-robot-ces-can-be-programmed-do-just-about_0Hoverboard Butler

Created in a partnership with Xiaomi portfolio company Segway and NineBot, the robo-rideable butler can stream a video, make cute impressions, follow the owner and whatever else you want it to do.

Moreover, the vehicle also has detachable arms (there is not a lot of information what the robot can do with these arms though). The Hoverboard Butler will come to the market in the second half of 2016, but most people are very skeptical about this one.


onewheelFuture Motion (name of the company) was founded in 2013. The firm had successfully launched OneWheel in 2014 January on Kickstarter.

The idea of this vehicle evolved as Kyle Doerksen (OneWheel inventor and chief engineer) needed to walk a mile to work and dreamed of a better way to get there. As he was growing up, he was a huge snowboarding fan, so he was thinking how he could bring the feeling of snowboarding to pavement. Combining the passion of snowboarding and electric vehicles, Kyle came up with this personal transporter.

While being able to reach a maximum speed of 24km/h and having a 10km maximum range, OneWheel is controlled as same as the self balancing scooter. If you want to go – you have to lean forward, if you want to slow down – you have to lean back.

However, this one is pretty expensive. You can get it at OneWheel for $1,499.

Paulius Zeimys

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