Frequently Asked Questions

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Is it difficult to ride a self balancing scooter?

If You’re a beginner, You should have another person standing next to You, so You could hold onto him/her. However, on average it takes about 5 minutes to fully learn how to ride it.

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What is the delivery cost?

We offer free express door-to-door shipping for all of our hoverboards.

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What is the maximum speed?

Our fastest model can reach a maximum speed of 18km/h. It depends on the model.

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What is the range per charge?

Fully charged hoverboard can go 15 – 25 kilometers (depends on a model). However, the range per charge also depends on the body weight of the rider.

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Is the battery replaceable?

Yes. However, don’t try to do it yourself, because it is a difficult procedure. If You want Your hoverboard’s battery to be replaced, please contact us.

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What is the charging time, and how to know when the self balancing scooter is fully charged?

The charging time is 1 – 2 hours.

If the indicator light is red, it means the hoverboard is not fully charged yet. If green – it is fully charged.

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How do I charge it?

1) Make sure the charger is not wet.

2) Connect one end of the charger to a hoverboard.

3) Connect the power plug to the electric socket.

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Can it be ridden on grass or other rough surface?

Do not ride models with 6.5 inch wheels on such surface, because you can accidentally damage the boards. However, you can ride 8 inch and 10 inch models on grass and other rough surface.

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Are the self balancing scooters waterproof?

Self balancing scooters can handle small splashes and dust. However, You should not ride them on rainy days.

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What happens after I order?

After receiving Your order, we will send you an order form via email with all the order information. After that, we will begin processing Your purchase.

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How can these transporters get damaged?

You shouldn’t have any problems riding them on a plain surface. However, they can get damaged from hard hits, overload, or from standing too close in the middle.

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Is it legal to use the hoverboards on streets or sidewalks?

In some locations self balancing scooters are illegal. However, You should check with Your authorities to ensure that it is not illegal to ride them in Your area.

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Why some hoverboards do catch fire?

Some hoverboards can catch fire because of inefficient lithium batteries or low quality chargers.

Low quality lithium batteries can heat up really fast from overcharging, hard hits, high temperature or other stress. This causes malfunctions or even explosions. Moreover, poor chargers tend to overheat from charging as well.

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What’s the return policy?

You can return Your purchases within 30 days after placing an order, and full refund will be provided to You.

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What will I get with a purchase?

1) Self balancing scooter 1x

2) User manual 1x

3) Charger 1x

4) Warranty card 1x

5) Remote controller 1x

6) Carrying bag 1x

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How is different from other stores?

The answer is simple – we are honest. We are always willing to discuss not only about how awesome the particular self balancing scooter is, but also what are its cons, what we don’t like about it and etc.

Most companies just want to make sales. We want You to provide valid information. Information that is correct.

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